Mässa / 03.04.2012

devolo at Light+Building 2012: A strong connection for a smart home


devolo are presenting their newest products for electronics retail and building planners at the "World‘s leading trade fair for architecture and technology" in Frankfurt, Light+Building 2012. In addition, Powerline solutions for smart home applications with HomePlug Green PHY are the focus of trade fair activities.

devolo, worldwide leading provider of Powerline-based networks, is presenting its solution for the "smart home" at the world‘s leading trade fair for architecture and technology in Frankfurt, Light+Building 2012. The show is focussing both on products for electronics retail and building planners as well as on smart home applications.

A core topic of the trade fair is energy efficiency. With constantly increasing energy costs and environmental responsibility as the goal, devolo developed their own patented PowerSave mode for its dLAN® products. The dLAN® adapters manage energy use dynamically while in operation, but the power requirements are reduced by over 90 percent in standby mode. Consumption then stands at under 0.3 watts. This means that minimal costs are incurred even when operating extensive dLAN® networks. The concept for devolo‘s trade show stand presents Powerline technology as the backbone of modern living. Whether for IP-based entertainment or for the requirements of smart metering - dLAN® offers a fast, stable, energy-efficient and easily scalable network solution for all in-house applications.

dLAN® PROFESSIONAL: The new portfolio for specialist stores

With the new dLAN® PROFESSIONAL products, devolo is offering electronic retailers a comprehensive portfolio which optimally supports them in their strengths. The new, clear distinction ensures stable margins for the electronics sales channel through a separate product line-up. The dealers can also offer the associated services as an additional, attractive benefit. The comprehensive configuration options of the devolo products therefore produce a customised network solution for each customer.

dLAN® TV Sat: Satellite TV reception via the power line

With the dLAN® TV Sat 2400-CI+, devolo are presenting the second generation of their multiple award-winning satellite TV package at the Light+Building trade fair. Through a Powerline connection via household power lines, no antenna cable is needed for signal transmission - satellite television reception is easily possible at every power outlet in a home. Alongside pay TV channels via CI+ interface, the new version of the dLAN® TV Sat also supports the teletext-successor HbbTV.

dLAN® on DIN rails: Powerline in-house integration with a DIN rail solution

With the première of its first dLAN® product for top-hat rail mounting, devolo underscores its leading role in the development of professional dLAN® solutions. The possibility of integrating the dLAN® 200 AVpro DINrail into all kinds of distribution boxes in accordance with the DIN standard makes it particularly easy to implement networking solutions via the household power line. The 3-phase connection to the mains supply leads to significantly higher performance in the Powerline network. In addition to the building-wide provision of broadband Internet, devolo‘s new development is ideal for implementing multimedia networks (IPTV, HDTV), building automation, connecting network-compatible terminal devices and for use in the smart metering field for energy data transmission.

dLAN® for all types of cables: dLAN® 500 AVpro UNI uses electrical, coax and two-wire networks

One for all: With the dLAN® 500 AVpro UNI, devolo presents the first dLAN® adapter that communicates both over power lines and antenna cables as well as two-wire lines. Thanks to dLAN® 500 technology, this flexible connection is not only secure and stable, but also, at speeds up to 500 Mbps, faster than classic Fast Ethernet wiring. For maximum connectivity, the dLAN® 500 AVpro UNI offers an integrated 4-port gigabit switch with PoE support. Support of the dLAN® AVpro manager makes comprehensive remote management configuration possible.

Comprehensive Smart Metering possibilities via in-house Powerline

devolo‘s PLC solutions are the link between the power industry and telecommunications infrastructure. Through use of the household electrical wiring for networking, complicated and cost-intensive new wiring is unnecessary. In this way, Powerline can take over a critical role in smart metering, which uses the technology to create a convenient, stable and secure in-house connection. devolo offers energy providers and municipal utilities complete, IP-based monitoring solutions for all types of energy according to the Open Metering specification. This ensures that all energy segments, including electrical, water, gas and BTU data, are collected. This provides a basis for efficient smart metering that not only offers its operators comprehensive monitoring of the networks, but is also an ideal tool for customer retention.

dLAN® smart home applications with HomePlug Green PHY

Modern living requires a central standard for all smart home applications. This is why devolo has focussed on HomePlug Green PHY. At the trade fair, visitors from the industry can get an initial overview of devolo‘s dedication in this new segment. Green PHY is optimised for generating high data rates over power lines - in contrast with its very low energy consumption - and is thereby on the best path towards becoming the new standard in the smart home segment.