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Smart home

The energy boost for the energy sector

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Photovoltaic systems

Using Powerline adapters to network household energy systems

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Hardware and software

devolo Home Control comprises a dozen high-quality sensors and actuators. Set-up, customisation and control take place in the devolo Home Control app (for iOS and Android) or web interface.

Individually for you

devolo offers individual solutions for energy suppliers of all sizes.

Flexible adaptation

Offer your customers an appealing product experience: From packaging to app to direct communication with the user, every detail is branded in your CI. Standardised, captivating, lasting.


Shape your co-operation with devolo precisely to your needs. We offer you both helpful co-operation packages and a model tailored entirely to you—including professional project management from joint development of the business model to the launch of your smart home portfolio.


Focus on your customers; we'll focus on the rest. You are clearly recognisable as a smart home provider for maximum visibility in your target group. We take care of everything else in the background on request—from invoicing to delivery.

Customer support

Facing problems with hardware or software? Not for you.

Our trained service and support staff work on your behalf to handle all customer requests relating to devolo Home Control set-up and operation.


The visible interface to the customer: Adapt the devolo Home Control app user interface to your CI.


Your own smart home shop: Utilise the web infrastructure from devolo or your own page for a smart home shop in your company's CI.


Your product at the customer's home: Design the packaging in full compliance with your CI.


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