Mässa / 12.08.2014

devolo highlights at the IFA 2014: premiere of devolo Home Control and Gigabit Powerline


devolo is identified more than any other manufacturer with easy ways to connect at home. The Powerline pioneer has proven this with dLAN®, the easy home network over electrical wiring. Twelve years after the idea of the first dLAN® Powerline adapter, the premiere of a completely new devolo product range is being celebrated at the IFA 2014: devolo Home Control - the first DIY smart home. Starting in September 2014, devolo will offer its customers an individually custom-assembled solution for greater convenience and security as well as efficient energy savings at home. devolo Home Control is intuitively operated and can be retrofitted or expanded at any time in existing households. At the same time, devolo will introduce the new generation of Gigabit Powerline together with the dLAN® 1200+: For the first time, up to 1.2 Gbps of bandwidth is possible over the electrical wiring thanks to devolo range+ Technology, in connection with MIMO technology.

Build your own smart home

Build your own smart home with devolo Home Control! Its components are installed without drilling or the hassle of routing cables. Setup can be completed in the shortest time possible. Simplicity is the central promise of devolo Home Control: Starting with an inexpensive Starter Set, users can put together their individual smart home solutions from a selection of components that can be combined as desired - for example, movement and smoke detectors, radiator thermostats or switchable power outlets.

The system can be expanded later at any time without problems, since devolo Home Control supports the simultaneously operation of over 200 components. Neither complicated hardware installation nor IT knowledge is necessary for installation. When setting up, configuring and operating, the user always has support from the intuitively operated "my devolo" app.

Home automation with a focus on security, convenience and energy savings

devolo is focusing on security and convenience for the selection of Home Control components at the sales launch, in addition to lower energy consumption in the home. For example, a convenient heater control system can be retrofitted and set up for individual rooms or for the whole house in no time. The most important component, however, is already in the homes of future devolo Home Control users: The ideas for your own individual smart home applications. Whether it‘s a coffee machine that automatically starts ten minutes before breakfast, a refrigerator in the basement that notifies you via text if the door was not closed properly, a switch that sets the entire house to night mode or a motion detector that can reliably tell people from pets: Possibilities are almost as endless as the user‘s imagination.All components will be available in stores and online in mid-September.

Powerline home network at speeds up to 1.2 Gbps

devolo is presenting the new Gigabit Powerline generation at IFA 2014: Using the dLAN® 1200+ adapter model, a high-speed home network with 1200 Mbps is possible over the electrical wiring for the first time. This lets any outlet instantly become a gigabit network access point. Ideal for high-speed Internet content via VDSL, cable and glass fibre or for networking computers, digital consumer electronics and smart home technologies. So streaming HDTV, even in 3D and 4K, is not a problem anymore, even in the most distant rooms. The combination of range+ Technology and MIMO provides high bandwidth: For the first time, phase, neutral conductor and earth wire are being used together for data transmission in the gigabit range.

dLAN® Powerline with MIMO technology

In this case, MIMO means simultaneous data transmission over phase and neutral conductors, as well as phase and earth wires. In comparison to the successful 650 series from devolo (previously the fastest Powerline adapters on the market), this now has twice the speed for data transmission available via power line. The devolo dLAN® 1200+ is equipped with a Gigabit LAN connection and an integrated electrical socket. No power supply in the room is lost. The integrated mains filter also ensures optimal data transmission, since it reliably eliminates potential interference.

The devolo dLAN® 1200+ will be available in stores starting September 2014. The Starter Kit with 2 adapters costs 139.90 euros, the single adapter is available for 74.90 euros.

Experience devolo‘s new products in person at IFA

Home Control and dLAN® 1200 can be experienced in person at the devolo stand in Hall 3.2 (stand number 203) devolo experts will clearly demonstrate how easily, inexpensively and quickly you can set up your own smart home.